10 things to know about Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby
Undoubtedly one of the most charismatic series characters, Thomas Shelby, clan leader of the Peaky Blinders , marked an already cult series with his unique style. Sometimes ruthless gangster, broker, business manager, absent father or spy on behalf of the government, Tommy has risen to the top in 4 seasons full of twists and turns. Waiting for the season 5 , and a rise in politics that promises to be bloody, let’s rediscover together the 10 things to know about this mysterious and calculating character.
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#1 Leader by nature

Despite the fact that Thomas is not the eldest of the siblings, he quickly stands out from his two brothers, Arthur (the eldest) and John (the younger). More ambitious, daring and above all more thoughtful and disciplined, he unquestionably stands out as the leader of the Shelby clan. Both tortured and ruthless, he only wants more justice for his family. His cold charisma, knowing how to get his hands dirty when necessary, will complete the portrait of the magnetic leader he embodies.

#2 English elegance

The character of Thomas Shelby fascinates and attracts all eyes. Even if this one is remarkable for its values and its actions, its gangster look of the 1920s leaves no one indifferent. Three-piece suit, round-neck shirt, newsboy (containing the famous razor blade), boots and pocket watch the Shelby clan is always dressed to the nines. Their objective ? Inspire the rest of the world that they are rich, powerful and respectable. A look that, coupled with a high-risk haircut, gives them unfailing confidence and charisma.
Thomas Shelby and his brothers

#3 Outstanding Strategist

From the start of the first season, we understand that Thomas Shelby will always be several steps ahead. It begins with the fixing of the races via the staging of the blessing of a horse by an Asian woman. The horse wins the race, and thus encourages bettors to bet more, and in greater numbers. Once the whole town has decided to bet on the horse, Tommy will make him lose and thus pocket the maximum winnings.

#4 Master of Negotiations

Thomas Shelby does not negotiate from a weak position. In difficulty during the first season when Inspector Campbell discredits him with the population, his aunt Polly advises him to start discussions. “You don’t talk when you’re on the back foot, we’ll strike a blow back first” (“We don’t haggle in a weak position, we’re going to counterattack before”), Tommy replies. He then decided to burn the portraits of the king in front of journalists in order to alert Churchill to the discontent of the population at Birmingham . The balance of power is thus reversed during the next negotiations.
Thomas Shelby arrival

#5 Workaholic

Thomas Shelby is not one to ask for a vacation. Literally drugged at work (and other substances), he works tirelessly for the success of the family business. And when he finally decides to give himself a little time (at the end of the last season), he almost goes mad, overtaken by his resurgent demons. Back in Birmingham he concludes that, objectively, the holidays are not for him.

#6 His gypsy origins

The Shelby family are of gypsy origin, having been established in Birmingham for several generations. Even though Tommy is an atheist, spirituality and gypsy beliefs remain pervasive within the series. Despite this strong family inking, the Shelbys never stop trying to redefine their status. Rise in society by going to conquer a new position to which their origins had not originally intended them.
Aunt Polly by Thomas Shelby

#7 Opportunistic despite the danger

The greater the risk, the greater the opportunity. And Thomas Shelby undeniably has a taste for risk. During the first season, he discovers an impressive shipment of weapons belonging to the government. A poisoned find that the whole clan wants to get rid of before it turns against them. But Tommy disagrees. For him these weapons are a way to access more power, an opportunity to play in the big leagues. In this dangerous game he will risk his life more than once, but his ability to swim among sharks will finally prove him right.

#8 Unfailing discipline

Thomas Shelby is a versatile and organized man, as evidenced by these multiple activities. Broker of rigged bets, horse breeder, racketeer, industrial leader, negotiator in times of crisis or even a spy on behalf of the government. He wears all the hats allowing him to access a little more wealth, but above all power. To achieve these objectives, he must demonstrate great work discipline. Added to a (slight) tendency to alcoholism, Tommy must bend to an iron discipline to carry out all of his business. With an attitude that is always calm and temperate, it is very often the carelessness within his organization that knocks him out of his hinges.
Thomas Shelby smokes

#9 Prisoner of his demons

Returned from France with many medals during the First World War , Tommy is often seen as a hero. Even if he knows how to take advantage of it against Inspector Campbell (who has never fought), he is nonetheless deeply traumatized by this episode of his life. Omnipresent, the scars of war reappear at all times. First with his friend, Danny, suffering from acute post-traumatic stress, then Arthur whose behavior can go from mad dog to euphoric party animal in a few moments. But the war knew how to forge the cold, sometimes icy character that now characterizes Tommy. And even death no longer frightens him.

#10 Ready to Die

Death is the fate that awaits us all. The only question is “when?”. In a month ? In 10 years ? Tomorrow ? Maybe even today. We all fear her. Thomas Shelby is “already dead in France”. Everything that happens to him after that is just a bonus, an extra life granted to him. Certainly he is determined to take advantage of it, but above all it makes him more resistant to the blows of these enemies. These actions, always calculated, are firm, he does not act out of fear. The risks he takes are measured, but always fully aware of the consequences if he fails. This confidence in the face of death that surrounds him gives him the strength to fully live the life to which he aspires.
Thomas Shelby gun to the head

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